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Red flamed maple
Salt and pepper front
Lasse Lammert with his Amp
Black tolex with black maple front
Black tolex with purple maple front
Blue with wicker front
Purple tolex with wicker front
White with tiger flamed maple front
ivory tolex with black flamed maple

Are you looking for a useful weapon for the stage, studio, rehearsal or bed room?

Driftwood Amps is a small company which produces amps that are handcrafted for musicians by musicians.
We do this using state-of-the-art all tube design, while still being committed to cutting-edge technology.
Our focus is on the quality of the individual parts and of course – the sound.
Equipped with many useful features the PurpleNightmare
leaves nothing to be desired and will simply blow you away.

Alex Lion from Band Octane

We are proud to say hello to Alex! He is a part from Driftwood family and plays his custom made PurpleNightmare. Check out his Band https://www.facebook.com/octane53/

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Driftwood Amps - Handmade in Germany