First official Driftwood PurpleNightmare Kemper Bundle

These bundles have a lot to offer. Utilizing the Driftwood’s dual-bias option for the power section, there are over 8 different combinations of power tubes and over 235 profiles in the MEGA BUNDLE or choose from three smaller bundles! Power tubes were all JJ’s and are as follows:

  • 6L6/KT66

  • 6L6/KT88

  • E34L

  • E34L/KT88

  • EL34

  • EL34/KT88

  • KT77

  • KT77/KT88

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Each power tube combination has profiles using Ch.2 Hi gain and Low Gain settings with Fortin 33 boost in the 33 bundle, a Fortin Blade Boost in the Blade Bundle, and the built in tubes screamer overdrive built in the head that is in the Tube Screamer bundle.

Each profile also has an exact copy made with the ohm switch engaged on the mic preamp which adds a different flavor to each profile.

Also included with each bundle are DI’s, Merged profiles, and clean tones for each tube integration.

In addition, there are 12 hand picked lead tones which will be thrown each smaller bundle as a BONUS!

*Studio Profiles were made using a Mesa 4x12 standard oversize cab with Celestion V30’s and a Shure Unidyne SM57 through a BAE 73MPL mic preamp.