4. November 2019

In-depth comparison from John Browne

23. Oktober 2019

Whitechapel & Driftwood

Alex, Ben and Zach from Whitechapel now have a Driftwood PurpleNightmare!
11. Juni 2019

New headshell for MiniNightmare available!

Now you can order your Mini Nightmare with this wood enclosure including all custom shop options for tolex, wood and stain we have!
11. Juni 2019

New Artist Patrick Guiraud from WSL Studio

11. Juni 2019

New Artist Mad Steex

17. Mai 2018

Kevin Antreassian – New Driftwood Endorser!

This is Kevin from Backroom Studios / Dillinger and many other projects
1. Oktober 2017

Alex Lion from Band Octane

We are proud to say hello to Alex! He is a part from Driftwood family and plays his custom made PurpleNightmare. Check out his Band https://www.facebook.com/octane53/
4. Februar 2017

New Video from Dough Rappoport

18. Mai 2016

New Artist: Julian Lehmann from Switzerland

This is what Julian thinks about his Custom Purple Nightmare: “For my compositions I need a very versatile Amp that can give me crystal clear cleans […]