Driftwood Amplifiers TubePreampPedal

Introducing the all new PurpleNightmare TubePreampPedal as the first pedal in the Driftwood Amplifiers line-up. Taken the legendary BURN channel from Driftwood’s flagship Amp and put it in a portable enclosure. We use the exact same high-end components as in our tube heads to ensure the same sound and feeling. In addition to the preamp we added the versatile power section controls Rumble, Sharp and the well-known Sizzle switch along with the Master volume to shape the overall tone and match it to your power amp.

On board you can also find our T/S overdrive with Gain, Tone and Volume controls. You can also use it alone to boost your existing amp.

The TubePreampPedal is capable for normal operation: plug your guitar cable into the Input of the pedal and connect the Out from the pedal to a power amp, FX return or front input of your amp. If you have an amp with FX-Loop you can use the 4-wire method to basically just add another channel to your existing setup. With pressing the Bypass button your guitar signal is going straight to your amp’s input. When you activate the PreampPedal, the signal will be routed through the PreampPedal and directly to the FX return of your existing amp without going through the preamp of your amp.

You have a great amplifier and just want to add a Driftwood Burn channel? Here we go! You have a Driftwood Amp and need one more Channel? Here we go!

With the internal charge pump we can drive the two 12ax7 with a proper 250v DC to have all the tone, response and feel you know from real amp tube circuits. This Pedal is fully hand build in Germany from the best parts we can get! 


  • Burn Channel from PurpleNightmare
  • Gain – Treble – Mid – Bass controls
  • Low/High gain switch
  • Built-in T/S Overdrive with Gain – Tone – Volume controls
  • Master section with Master – Rumble –Sharp controls
  • 3-way Sizzle switch
  • 2Watt mosfet power amp for practice
  • 4-cable connection method ready
  • 12V DC 1,5A input
  • Internal charge pump 12V -> 250V plate voltage
  • 2x 12ax7 high grade selected
  • Illuminated Driftwood window
  • External switch input for bypass and T/S
  • 23cm x 15cm x 4,5cm alu enclosure
  • 974g weight
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