High Gain Tube Amplifiers Custom-made in Germany


New british voiced PurpleNightmare Signature is available for preorder now! 

Our new El34 based Amplifier was at the cover of the latest guitar magazine cover including a full review in this issue.

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We develop and build amps in order to satisfy all the needs of musicians in every possible situation. Any musician is encouraged to create his or her own sound with our amps, to become unique and not to sound like any other band. Individuality means a lot to us, that is why the Customshop is free of charge! It makes us proud to hear that musicians have found the amp of their dreams in our shop.

The amp’s many features are supposed to make the everyday life of a musician easier, be it on stage, in the studio, and also at home. The 9V DC output or the built-in T/S are just two examples. There are no unnecessary knobs, and the ones you’ll need are all there

We have high quality standards when it comes to the individual parts. Also the construction of the amp is important to us. Of course we could lower our standards and use cheaper parts or manufacture cheaply in Asia, but this would not meet our standards. Every bit of the amps is well thought out and every part is exactly where it is supposed to be.

We have been developing amps for our own use as well as stomp boxes and studio equipment for years. We have gained a lot of experience from modifications on other amps as well as service of music electronics and the resulting cooperations with other musicians of every genre. Last but not least, playing in a band and a job as a sound engineer taught me the requirements for an amp in a musician’s everyday life.

18. May 2021

New Artist: Devildriver!

This is Michael Spreizer from US MetalMonster Devildriver with his DarkestNightmare! Welcome to the Driftwood Family :-)
4. November 2019

In-depth comparison from John Browne

23. October 2019

Whitechapel & Driftwood

Alex, Ben and Zach from Whitechapel now have a Driftwood PurpleNightmare!