Driftwood Amplifiers Reactive Loadbox

The new Driftwood Reactive Loadbox gives not only a load to your tube amplifier when you do silent recording - it realy gives you the sound AND feeling of playing through a real 412 cabinet at your Amp's sweet spot. All that dynamic and SAG is still there - but without shaking your house or home studio.

How does this work?

Inside our Reactive Loadbox are several high power resistors, high-end capacitors and audiophile coils to have nearly the same frequency response as a 412 cabinet. All cabinets have a resonance frequency where its resistance is much higher that its rated resistance printed at your cabinet. This resonance acts together with your output transformer and with the negative feedback loop inside your poweramp. Other Loadboxes dont have this resonance peak and this qual in a flat dynamic response and feel. 

With the Driftwood Reactive Loadbox your Amplifier can react in the same way like it would react with a real cabinet - and this retains all that dynamic and feel. 

For any musician is that dynamic feel and interaction a base of their creative process and articulation.


Our Reactive Loadbox is made from powder coated Aluminium with a laser engraved top logo and lettering. It has also has a cooling fan that will be turn automaticly on if the power rises above 50watts. The fan get its energy from the signal and dont need external power. 

There is also a Line-Output with a -20db PAD switch to get the raw signal to feed into your DAW and work with impulse responses. 

If you order your Reactive Loadbox together with a Driftwood MiniNightmare IR you can choose if you want it built-in the wood enclosure (velcro fastener) or have it as a stand alone unit. Even if its inside the wood enclosure, you can use it with your other amplifiers.

16,5cm wide - 18cm deep - 6cm high    -    1,5kg

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