20. Dezember 2015

Latest Endorser: Sui from Diesear / Taiwan

Sui is our latest endorser with his personal signature PurpleNightmare. For his unique tone he uses KT77 and EL34 in the poweramp. More infos and videos […]
26. Oktober 2015

Red Dragon Guitats become a Driftwood Amps dealer!

This Purple Nightmare is actually at Red Dragon guitars in NY, USA. They are our first USA dealer! Feel free to get in contact with them!
8. Oktober 2015

Misha Mansoor from Periphery!

Misha is our latest user and has shot some pics!
22. September 2015

Stand your Ground – Hardcore from Berlin

New Artists from Berlin! Stand Your Ground is a modern HardCore Band. These Guys have just released the latest recording. You should check them out!
22. September 2015

Nicolas Moens – Great Fotoshooting

Nicolas Moens has a Driftwood PurpleNightmare in White with two 412 cabinets in white with black front. This Pic is awesom!
30. Mai 2015

Lasse Lammert Signature Head + Preorder Run

This is Lasse Lammert´s Signature model and he has created a super-tight speaker impuls
6. Mai 2015

This is our new MiniNightmare

NEW AMP! This is our MiniNightmare, the litle brother of the PurpleNightmare! Be shure to check it out!
27. März 2014


This is Cubeaudio! They use our PurpleNightmare in the studio!
13. Februar 2014

Lasse Lammert from LSD Studio

http://www.lsd-tonstudio.de/ Lasse Lammert mit seinem CustomAmp