Driftwood is now offering 2x12 and 4x12 cabinets!

Cabinets with rich tone!

Our cabinets are designed to emphasize your style of playing. With their balanced midrange, tight but musical bass response and smooth top end they will complement your Driftwood Amp or any other amp in your arsenal.

Custom build from 18mm high grade baltic birch plywood on our new CNC maschine for precise cuts and highest build quality. Removeable front grill for better access during recording, recessed metal handles and backplate are self evident. We build every cab on order so you have a free choice of tolex and grill cloth. We also do mixed speakers for more tonal experience but you can choose your favourite speaker from celestion to have a maximum of flexibility.

Our favourite speaker combination for the 4x12 are two Celestion Vintage 30 (or TAD V30s) together with two Celestion Creamback H75. For the 2x12 we love the Celestion Vintage 30 and Celestion Creamback M65 combination - this makes the 2x12 sound like a 4x12!

Slightly oversized 212

Our 2x12 is made from 15mm high grade baltic birch ply wood. Because of the 3mm less wood thickness compared to our 4x12, the 2x12 equalize its lower interternal volume with a bit more resonant enclosure.

Our 2x12 also have a removeable front grill, recessed metal handles and back plate. We also build them on order so you have a free choice of tolex and grill cloth. We recommend a speaker mix with Celestion V30 and Celestion Creamback M65 - but you can choose your favourite speakers from Celestion.