Driftwood HEAVY HATCHET Distortion Pedal

Driftwood Heavy Hatchet:

Ignite sonic fury with the Driftwood Amplifier‘s „Heavy Hatchet Distortion“ pedal. Equipped with an integrated noise gate to elimi-nate unwanted noise and a booster this pedal redefines what a compact metal rig should look like! Whether you place it in frontof your amp or utilize it as a preamp with the click of an switch. Perfect for any amp‘s FX return.This versatility is unmatched!Craft your signature sound with surgical precision and make your riffs deadly like an heavy hatchet.The „Heavy Hatchet Distortion“ comes with the addition of a „Rumble“ control, allowing you to shape low-end frequencies fora seismic impact. Fine-tune your sonic mayham further with the „Sharp“ control, providing a power amp EQ feeling that cutsthrough the mix with unparalleled clarity. You can adjust the amount of boost you want and select betweeen two boost modes:Vintage and modern. Also equipped with an input jack for remote control.As if that wasn‘t enough we added a „Low Gain“ and a „High Gain“ mode like having two channels in one pedal.And last but notleast a full three band EQ with gain control for effective tonal shaping. If you look for crushing metal tones without breaking thebank this little pedal is perfect for you. Feel your tone! Feel the „Heavey Hatchet Distortion“!


  • This pedal brings any amp to life to give you the most crushing metal tone.
  • Complete analog circuit for maximum tone.
  • Highest quality components to ensure ultimate sound. Handmade in Germany.
  • Perfect match for any IR-Loader or virtual cabinet (DAW or pedal).
  • Comes loaded with tons of features like no other distortion- oder preamp pedal on the market.
  • Build your favourite pedals around it for a perfect sounding but small guitar rig.
  • Hear unbelievable metal sound like never before from a pedal.
  • Input jack for remote control.
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