Driftwood Artists

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  • Sui
    The tone of the Driftwood PurpleNightmare is super tight and clean with avant-garde functional designs. It can really behave brutal sounds no matter with standard tuning or lower tuning. Pure extreme and metal!
  • Paul Nimms
    I play Driftwood because no other amp can dream of coming close to the sound of my Nightmare!
    Paul Nimms
    Beyond Today
  • Nicolas Moens
    The Quest for Tone is Over!
    Nicolas Moens
  • Keith Merrow
    I'm always "tone chasing" and messing around with different amps. The PurpleNightmare has quickly become one of my all time favorites out of the many Amps I've owned. For the type of tones I like, this thing just nails it.
    Keith Merrow
  • Eric Kloss
    The PurpleNightmare is perfect for all my needs. So versatile for over 60 Punkrock Songs from the last 40 years.
    Eric Kloss
    Dufferpit, Punkrock-Karaoke
  • Eike Steffen
    The Purple Nightmare blew my mind.  It's amazing how defined it sounds and how tight the bass range stays, even with extreme hi-gain. With built-in Tubescreamer, two gain stages for the distortion channels, two master volumes, noise gate - and everything switchable via MIDI, it's probably the most versatile two-channel amp on the market.
    Eike Steffen
    Samsara Circle
  • Servé & Dom
    The Driftwood PurpleNightmare is the heaviest Amp we've ever come across. Period.
    Servé & Dom
    Born From Pain
  • Mark Lewis
    The driftwood purple nightmare is delivering some of the most crushing and tight rhythm sounds I've ever achieved. Absolutely love this amp and and am happy to permanently add it to my Arsenal.
    Mark Lewis
    Producer // Audio Hammer Studios