British voiced PurpleNightmare Signature:
  • 100 Watt all-tube amp with 4xEL34
  • two channels with Gain – B M T – Volume
  • Clean channel with mode switch
  • Burn channel with 3-pos bright switch
  • High/Low Gain switch
  • two mastervolumes
  • tube FX loop
  • two Watt Night-Switch
  • 9V DC outlet
  • Tuner out
  • built-in overdrive T/S with
    Gain – Tone – Volume
  • Rumble and Sharp control
  • full Midi option
  • built-in Noisegate
  • Sizzle switch 
  • different power tube option
  • Sui
    The tone of the Driftwood PurpleNightmare is super tight and clean with avant-garde functional designs. It can really behave brutal sounds no matter with standard tuning or lower tuning. Pure extreme and metal!
  • Paul Nimms
    I play Driftwood because no other amp can dream of coming close to the sound of my Nightmare!
    Paul Nimms
    Beyond Today
  • Nicolas Moens
    The Quest for Tone is Over!
    Nicolas Moens
  • Keith Merrow
    I'm always "tone chasing" and messing around with different amps. The PurpleNightmare has quickly become one of my all time favorites out of the many Amps I've owned. For the type of tones I like, this thing just nails it.
    Keith Merrow
  • Eric Kloss
    The PurpleNightmare is perfect for all my needs. So versatile for over 60 Punkrock Songs from the last 40 years.
    Eric Kloss
    Dufferpit, Punkrock-Karaoke
  • Eike Steffen
    The Purple Nightmare blew my mind.  It's amazing how defined it sounds and how tight the bass range stays, even with extreme hi-gain. With built-in Tubescreamer, two gain stages for the distortion channels, two master volumes, noise gate - and everything switchable via MIDI, it's probably the most versatile two-channel amp on the market.
    Eike Steffen
    Samsara Circle
  • Servé & Dom
    The Driftwood PurpleNightmare is the heaviest Amp we've ever come across. Period.
    Servé & Dom
    Born From Pain
  • Mark Lewis
    The driftwood purple nightmare is delivering some of the most crushing and tight rhythm sounds I've ever achieved. Absolutely love this amp and and am happy to permanently add it to my Arsenal.
    Mark Lewis
    Producer // Audio Hammer Studios

Clean Channel

Individual controls for Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, and Volume, allow for the first channel to be adjusted independently from the second. With only a little Gain added, the sound offers a lot of headroom and covers a lot of musical styles thanks to the very efficient EQ. With higher Gain settings the amp reacts strongly to the output of the pickup and can distort. In all other settings the amp remains highly dynamic and has enormous punch at all volumes.

The channel works very well with distortion pedals, overdrive pedals or modulation effects – expect high quality wicked sounds. To answer the question of the channel’s sound: rather british - but it is also possible to dail in some modern clean tones!

Burn channel

Just like in the clean Channel, there are individual knobs for Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, and Volume. Additionally there is the Gain switch which can add or subtract a Gain stage. With the Gain switch on LOW and Gain settings in the lower third, clean or slightly distorted sounds are possible, depending on the pickup. If you turn up the Gain, you’re rewarded with a full and rich rock sound through 80' metal and thrash. Together with the new 3-position bright switch you can dial in tones from 70's rock through pop-rock and heavy rock. The bright switch controls the amount of attack at the frontend.  The sound is very straightforward and dynamic; chords ring out forever and playing with the Volume knob of your guitar is really fun! The channel reacts very well to the player and does not thin out any sounds.

With the Gain switch on HIGH you will be blown away. More Gain, a little more compression and with a more modern but still british tuning, this channel will burn the house down with fat rhythms, screaming leads and razor-sharp staccatos! Always on point, even with a lot of Gain and Bass. Chords stay crystal clear—and with the Volume knob clean sounds are possible even with this setting. With the 3-position bright switch you have all the possibilitys for your attack setting. Together with the efficient EQ you will achieve a high quality sound from ‘80s hair metal to modern core and djent. With Bright on position 2, you have still a british voice but very modern.


Love to use that green overdrive pedal? Here you’ve already got one:

The build-in T/S Overdrive

The T/S overdrive is integrated into your PurpleNightmare and can be permanently switched on, activated by foot switch, or assigned to a channel or the second master volume. No more tap-dancing on stage! Equipped with Gain, Tone, and Volume knobs, this feature is an extension for any channel! The T/S can upgrade the Clean channel to a nice rocky or a punchy oldschool overdrive channel! The recordings of many famous bands have been fine-tuned by this green dwarf.

On the Burn channel the T/S can be used as a Booster, for example for solos. With T/S Gain set to 0, Tone on medium, and full-on Volume, the sound becomes tighter, gains more attack and power, more complex Mids—the band sound becomes clearer. If you also turn up the T/S Gain, the sound gets a little more punchy and dirty, just becomes rougher and meatier. If you turn down the T/S Volume, you can soften very high-gain pickups, so the T/S works also as a negative-booster. With the T/S Tone you can emphasize or take back the attack in the burn channel.


The PurpleNightmare is equipped with a versatile section of power amps. After your sound has passed the preamp stage, it has a tube-buffered Effect Loop at its disposal. Like the T/S, the Loop can either be turned on permanently, activated by foot switch, or assigned to a channel or the second Master volume.

The second Master volume can be used by foot switch and enables you to boost the volume, e.g. for solos. The Sharp knob sets the high frequencies of the power amplifiers; the Rumble sets the low bass. With both knobs you can modify the sound even more and adapt it to various speakers and room situations. The sizzel-switch option will add some high frequ. "fizz" to your sound.

The amp works with four 6L6 power amp tubes with a push-pull principle and accomplishes around 100 Watts. On the back there is a Bias test point and a knob for each of the two pairs of power tubes. The power tubes can be adjusted by any technician after changing – without removing the amp from the casing. Additionally, the two independent knobs enable you to use different tubes. Two 6L6 combined with two KT88 or two KT88 together with two KT66 – not a problem!

Two watt Nightswitch

Creative at night?

Using a 100-watts tube amp at a neighbor-friendly volume can be a challenge: turning up the Master volume just a tiny bit and the walls start to shake. For this case, the PurpleNightmare offers a 2-Watt Switch. It switches the power amps completely off (including heating!) and gives you a 2 Watt Mosfet power amp—more than enough for creative nights or a simple practice session at home (at full volume your neighbors will still hear you).

Power amp tubes are wear parts and are getting more and more expensive, so why should you waste them on a simple practice at home? By switching off the power amps you will go easy on them. In this mode, the amp can also be used without speaker or load box.



The amp can be controlled without a footswitch. Channels can be switched on the front panel, Loop and T/S can be switched on/off or assigned to a channel on the back. All features can be operated by footswitch, including Channel switch, Master switch, Loop, T/S,  and MUTE. Additionally, any of the features can be switched on externally. This way, a multi-FX processor with switching outputs can switch the channels of the amp or even the loop—a simple contact is sufficient.  With the help of a Midi box the amp can be entirely remote controlled.

Thanks to the rotary switches Loop and T/S you can switch to many sounds without a lot of tap dancing on stage: you set the T/S to Channel 2, the Loop to Master 2. By switching the channel from Clean to Burn the T/S switches on automatically; by pressing Master 2 you activated your Loop with echo and reverb and get a little more volume for your solo.

Apart from the 5-Footswitch there will be one with only two knobs, to which you can assign features at will. If you only need the Channel switch and the second Master or the Mute on stage, then get the 2-Switch!