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Additional Options
Built-in Noisegate

The built-in Noisegate is only working in channel two. It has just one threshold knob and one switch (on/off). For the PurpleNightmare you also can set it to "Off when Master 2 is engaged". This means, the Noisegate will turn off when you hit the Master 2 button for your lead part. With this option you never have to find a compromise in threshold setting for rhythm and lead.

Sizzle Switch

Our Poweramps have a smoth and present top-end. For some applications you need this high frequency distortion "fizz" or "sizzle". This option will bring this "fizz" back into your sound. It was developed with two leading Metal producers, Lasse Lammert and Mark Lewis, to fulfill all their needs. 


Our amps will be delivered with a 2-Button Footswitch. Choose two options you like to control: Channel, Master 2, T/S, Loop, Mute. For the MiniNightmare you can choose if you want to control Channel and Gainmod or T/S and Loop - or just order two footswitches to control all four functions. 

For the PurpleNightmare is a 5-Position Footswitch available,  you can control all 5 functions.

Midi Implementation

For the PurpleNightmare you can order a full Midi implementation. With this you will have three Channels: Clean, Burn in lowgain modus and Burn in highgain modus. Also you have full control about T/S, Loop, Mute and Master 2. 

For the MiniNightmare we have a small external Midi-Box available to control Channel, GainMod, T/S and Loop. The needed patch cables are included. 

Choose your Tolex and Grill Cloth

We can work with any available Tolex and Grill Cloth on your amp - this is free of charge! As the MiniNightmare has a powder coated Aluminium enclosure, ask for special colors. Here we can do any RAL colors. 

Put a flamed maple front panel on your amp!


New! Wood headshell for MiniNightmare!


  • wood headshell made from 15mm birch ply
  • all custom tolex colors available
  • grill cloth or stained wood front panel
  • classic look